Raahen Muuraus Corporation

Raahen Muuraus Corporation works with fire and acid resistant brickwork. We have extensive experience with bricklaying in new building construction and renovations. Within our company you will find 40 skilled workers and supervisors for even the most demanding tasks in Finland and abroad. Our headquarter are located in Northern-Finland in Raahe. We supply different types of materials to the construction industry and for the many different needs of other companies. Our company was founded in a 1993, our workers have considerable experience with brickwork, and refractory. We have established our fame as a top quality and professional company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can negotiate the proper workers and/or materials to suite Your needs.

Brickwork for the buildings

We professionally install:

  • facades of buildings, including large objects/targets
  • bricked fireplaces and ovens
  • tiling including moisture and water resistant
  • tiling and repairs for swimming pools as well as underwater tiling
  • plastering and facade coatings
  • ashlar work
  • special ashlar work
  • garden pavings with groundwork
  • different kinds of roof tiles upon special

Fire resistant brickwork

We do fire resistant constructions in new buildings and renovations.

Our typical scope includes:

  • fireproof brickwork for industry
  • heat treatment furnace
  • lime sludge kiln
  • furnaces
  • converter
  • electric arch furnace
  • coke ovens
  • mixers
  • pusher furnace
  • walking beam furnace
  • gunning
  • injection

Steel industry
We supply materials for steel mills and metal factories:

  • bricks
  • monolithics
  • steel fibres
  • other insulation materials

Our skilled staff will install the materials and will do the brickwork in a professional manner. Our organization can perform international installations, as well as provide supervision, and consultation.

Pulp industry
We supply fireproof materials for revolving furnaces. Our skilled staff plans the furnace lining and will do the mounting.

We also supply for the pulp industry:

  • bricks
  • monolithics
  • other insulation materials

Our organization can perform international installations, as well as provide supervision, and consultation.


  • Maintenance contract of rotary kiln Metsä Fibre Kemi
  • Maintenance contract of rotary kiln Metsä Fibre Äänekoski
  • Maintenance contract of rotary kiln UPM, Visaforest Pietarsaari
  • Maintenance contract of SSAB, Raahe 1993- still continuing
  • Blast-furnaces repairs in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe (severals)
  • Coke-oven repairs in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe
  • Dry quenching unit repair in Coke plant, in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe
  • Lime shaft kiln repairs, in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe (severals)
  • Pusher furnace repairs, in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe (severals)
  • Normalizing furnace repairs, Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe (severals)
  • Walking beam furnace repairs, in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe (severals)
  • Relining of Mixers
  • Converters and Ladles
  • Relining of rotary kiln in Metsä-Botnia Joutseno, Äänekoski, Rauma
  • Relining of rotary kiln in Wisaforest, Pietarsaari
  • Feed Head of Lime Sludge kiln for Andritz
  • Feed Head & Firing Hood for Andritz
  • New kiln lining + installation to Celbi, Portugal etc.

References of Supervision

  • Blast-furnaces big repair in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe
  • Normalizing furnace big repair, in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe
  • Cracking oven lining, in Mittal Sidex Galati, Romania
  • Dry quenching unit repair in Coke plant, in Rautaruukki Steel, Raahe
  • Cement kilk lining repairs, in Finnsementti Oy, Parainen
  • New kilk lining to Celbi, Portugal
  • Brickwork for the buildings
  • Raahen Kauppaporvari
  • Raahe courthouse
  • Raahe Library
  • Raahe Kauppakatu block of flats / YIT
  • Raahen Kauppakatu ja Fellmanninpuistokatu block of flats
  • Raahen Rantakortteli block of flats
  • Raahe swimming baths Vesipekka
  • Raahe shopping center Masto
  • Raahe Pikkulahti block of flats
  • Raahe hospital
  • Pattijoen school center
  • Ylivieska several block of flats
  • Ylivieska fire station
  • Pyhäjoen congregation house
  • Pyhäjoki Huorunkoski power station
  • Liminka health center
  • Liminka school center
  • Tupos school
  • Kempele town hall
  • Kempele congregation house Kokkokangas
  • Kempele day care center
  • Oulu several schools
  • K – supermarket in Oulu, several
  • Oulu Ritaharju multi function house
  • Oulu Ritaharju block of flats
  • Oulu cinema Finnkino
  • Detached houses in Raahe, Liminka, Kempele, Oulu,
  • Haukipudas, Ii etc.
  • Kiiminki health center
  • Tyrnävä health center
  • Tyrnävä fire station
  • Tyrnävä retirement home
  • Muhos school center
  • Tyrnävä Murto school
  • Simo retirement center
  • Pudasjärvi retirement center
  • Rantsila day care center
  • Kärsämäki block of flats
  • Utajärvi block of flats
  • Yli-Kiiminki Vesala school
  • Haukipudas vocational college
  • Haukipudas Kello school
  • Haukipudas Länsituuli school center
  • Yli-Ii school
  • Kuusamo block of flats
  • Raahe and Pattijoki churches roofing shingle manufacturing
  • Oulu Kaakkuri school
  • Oulu Etu- Lyötty several block of flats
  • Oulu Värttö block of flats
  • Oulu Nokia office
  • Oulu congregation center
  • Oulun Yliopisto hospital
  • Hailuoto retirement center
  • Oulunsalo Kapteeni shopping center
  • Tornio Rajalla shopping center
  • Tornio Rajalla block of flats
  • Keminmaa shopping center
  • Kemi several block of flats
  • Kemi block of flats veneer
  • Etc. Etc.

Contact Us

Brickwork, domestic offers:
Logistics, management of finances and office:
Managing director

Ms Eija Sipilä
Tel. +358 40 486 9280
e-mail: eija.sipila@raahenmuuraus.fi

Supervision and superintendent:
Mr Kopsala Ilpo
Tel. +358 40 719 5845
e-mail: ilpo.kopsala@raahenmuuraus.fi

Revolving furnaces & pulp industry, Steel- and metal industry (in English):
Project engineer

Mr Greus Sauli
Tel. +358 40 506 8517
e-mail: sauli.greus@raahenmuuraus.fi

Executive Vice President:
Mr Kolehmainen Antti
e-mail: antti.kolehmainen@raahenmuuraus.fi

Delivery address:
Sorvaajantie 14
FIN-92140 Pattijoki

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 15.30
Tel. +358 40 486 9280

Invoicing address:
Raahen Muuraus Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan
e-mail: raahenmuuraus@raahenmuuraus.fi

Our headquarters are located in Pattijoki a suburb of Raahe in an industrial area called Alakkala. Our address is: Sorvaajantie 14, 92140 Pattijoki.